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Kyndill offers a wide range of services, and the variety of projects we participate, are big.



Lighting design

Lighting design in collaboration with the builder, architect, interior designer, artist, electrical consultant, etc. 

A project can contain e.g. preparation of concepts, suggestions, sketches and ideas, preparation of plans, calculations etc. 




Visualizations are used largely to emphasize the idea behind the lighting design. We use Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Dialux, Relux and Photoshop. 


Proof lighting 

Proof lighting are used to check whether the project's theories regarding light works as desired. 




Reports often relate energy calculations, technologycomparisons and lighting systems tests. 



Advisory services 

Control of projects prior to implementation. Architect and electrical consultant uses this to ensure that the project is properly designed.



Luminaire design 

We often develop customized solutions for projects where there are high standards of aesthetic expression and technical qualities. Design of fixtures is part of our work. In this work, we cooperate with several different suppliers who is specialized in their field. 




We also make decorations and art. These we produce ourselves. See examples.




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